Monday, October 25, 2010

1st Annual Denver Chili Cook-Off!

This past Saturday, Brad and I invited our friends over for our very first Chili Cook-Off and Bonfire.  Everyone who came, whipped up their favorite batch of Chili, we had 9 pots! Everyone tasted and voted, at the end of the night, the winner was announced.

We also enjoyed lots of other snacks! There were alot more goodies, but these are some of the ones I made. I was able to snatch a picture before the madness started.

 Carrots and Ranch dip
 Pumpkin Cheese ball
Candy..for the kids! :)

Kelley and Davin taste testing
More tester's
Ashely,Dustin and Brandon
My sweet family, minus the princess, she was already tucked in for the night! Grant looks thrilled and Brad looks way to happy!
Grant with his glow in the dark was the only way I could keep up with him!
Brad, Greg, and Chris keeping the fire under control.

And the winner was crowned! Greg won the First Annual Denver Chili Cook-Off!

 We had such a great night, with amazing friends, and delicious food!  We are already looking forward to next year!


Diane said...

Okay...Mom and Dad Propst are inviting ourselves 'next' year!

Susan Wilson said...

I'm with Mom and Dad Propst.....we are coming next year to. I am wondering WHY we didn't get an invite, hmmmmmmmm