Thursday, April 7, 2011

Gymboree and the Park

Our week has been so busy! We have been going non-stop, with such pretty weather, I often feel like I need to be out doing things!  Today we headed to Gymboree to cash in our Gymbucks, it was Caroline's turn to get some new clothes.  Grant racked up a couple weeks ago for his summer-do! Gymboree was a complete mad house!  My first plan was to do it all online to avoid dragging both kids in with me.  I had a return so I had to make the dreaded trip. Many people, my husband consider "Gymbucks" a complete scam, but I on the other had think they are wonderful! Caroline got 6 outfits for $70!!!! They can also be mixed and matched.  I could not even go to Carters or anywhere like that and get that many outfits for that kind of money. Believe me, I have tried.  Plus, I just love the quality of clothes, not to mention the re-sale on Gymboree is great too.

Yesterday we met some of our Sunday School friends downtown at Freedom Park to let the kiddos burn off some energy before nap time.  We also enjoyed a picnic lunch.  It started off chilly, but turned out to be a beautiful, warm day!

They had a train you could go inside, Grant thought that was "aaamazing!"

Caroline enjoyed playtime with her Sunday School friend Makenna. Caroline was born only 3 weeks beofre her.

                               I love the look on Makenna's face. Obviously, Caroline wanted her shirt.

Giving Hugs!


 The kiddos
Grant, Wade, Aubrey, and Haylee


Now, we are relaxing at home. ENJOYING NAP TIME. Cleaning, and getting ready for the weekend!! :)


Renee said...

We had fun! Let's do it again sometime!

AdamKristiAubrey said...

Cute pics! I agree, we need to do it again!