Saturday, April 23, 2011

Thankful Saturday!!

Since this is pretty much Caroline's baby book (until I find the matching one to Grant's) I feel the need to update what she has been up to these last 2 weeks.  She is 110% SASSY!! Whew!! Seriously, Grant was a breeze at this age.  Caroline now feels the need to toss everything "overboard!"  Monday we were in Ann Taylor and managed to lose 2 paci's, and our dear Sophie.  I nearly had a panic attack when I noticed Sophie was missing (she was $24 for crying out loud.)  I came out of the dressing room and the sales lady noticed my panicked look.  Luckily, Sophie and a paci were recovered.

I again was at Ann Taylor on Friday (I go there a lot!) when a sales lady tracked me down to give me back yet another paci Caroline had tossed.  Seriously, I'm not sure why she can't just nicely drop them by her side when she no longer has interest in them.  As we were heading to the car, I noticed a beloved hair bow missing!! AHHHHHH!!  Not only did we lose a hair bow, it is much more then that...she was going to be hair-bow-less as we had other errands to run!!

Caroline sleeps with Miss Piggy.  She has now decided to throw Miss Piggy out of her crib at night.  We are sometimes awaken with a panic cry until we come put Miss Piggy back in her arms.

Hopefully she will get over this stage.  Momma is sick of buying extra paci's and retrieving Miss Piggy at night.

On a happier note, Miss Priss is now 100% crawling!! She no longer does the belly crawl. Woohooo!

My mom came over today to give the kiddos their Easter Baskets.  We also had some errands to run.  Brad watched the kids while my mom and I visited The Serenity House.  My mom picked up fresh Strawberries this morning to give to the volunteers that took care of my dad.  This was the first time we have been back since my dad's passing on Wednesday.  I went there thinking I would be just fine walking into that house.


I was okay until we had to pass the room my dad was in, and there was another patient occupying the bed.  The director showed us a note that was documented by the caregiver that was taking care of my dad on his final night.  She did not have to share this note with my mom and I, but maybe she felt it would bring us some peace, and it did!  I can't even put into words how grateful we are for those volunteers. 

Here are some pictures of Grant and Caroline enjoying their Easter goodies from Gammy M!!
 Caroline is not sure what to grab first.
Grant is overjoyed with his Nay-Nays! (Peanut M&M's)

Grant received a Lightening McQueen Pillow!!  Brad and I are thankful now he can just take this to bed and not 10 million cars.  He manages to lose every single car at night, and somehow they end up under his bed.  If you only knew how hard it is to retrieve those darn cars from under a bunk bed!!  Thanks GAMMY!!
One happy Gammy and one happy little boy!!

If only it was that easy!! haha!

 I'm pretty sure we only have 2 or 3 family pictures (sad I know) and they all look like this! haha!! 3 out of 4 people actually looking at the camera..not to shabby!!!

These past couple days have been nothing less then a  scary roller coaster ride.  Thankfully, the ride is slowing down and my life is getting some what back to normal (is it ever normal with 2 kids??)  I will always have the missing void of my dad, but I have 2 amazing kids that keep me more than busy. Thank you all again, for all the prayers!  I know my family and I will need them in the days,weeks, and months ahead!!

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