Friday, July 15, 2011

Beach Day 3

We started out our Tuesday with an EARLY morning stroll on the beach.
  (Why do kids wake up so much earlier at the beach?!?!)

 Before we left to come to the beach, Brad grabbed his old golf clubs from his parents house.  There is a little golf shop right off the island here, so we took the clubs to have them re sized so the fit G just right. 
Now, we just have to pray he is left handed!

Grant racked up at the Gold store! He left with 2 sleeves of golf balls and a new hat!  The owner fell in love with Grant, so he gave him lots of goodies for free! How could you blame him?!

We headed to our family favorite Margaritaville for lunch.  I think we have been there every year since we have been coming. It was sooooo good too!

On our way back to Sunset we stopped at our other family favorite (we like to eat!) Calabash Creamery!

We came home and put Caroline down for a nap, Brad, Grant and I headed out to the beach while mom stayed with Caroline.

After we all ate dinner Brad and I  headed out for a date night in Myrtle Beach.  We went to a Comedy Club.  Brad has never been to one, so he wanted to go.  We had such a fun, much needed night out!

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