Monday, July 11, 2011

Beach Night and Day ONE!

Beach Week is FINALLY HERE!!

I want to document everything that happens this week, so I'll never forget these sweet memories!  It's only Day 2 and we are having the BEST time.  Grant is at the perfect age to just soak it all in, and the kid is having the time of his little 2 year old life!

We went grocery shopping, ate dinner, and then parked our buns on the front porch and stuffed our faces with Sherbert ice cream

Brad has already taught Grant so many new things..ONE is peeing off the front poarch, and SECOND is to say "HEY, HOW YOU DOIN!" to every female that passes by.  If they don't respond..Grant only asks LOUDER!

 Brad and I before we take G-man on the beach for the first time this year

One excited 2 year old!

The funnest thing happened, Grant was running so fast that he fell face first into a tide pool.  He quickly poped up and yelled "Whoa! I went swimming!!"  Brad and I are still laughing!!

It had just rained before we went on te beach, so we were attcked by sand fleas.  Needless to say, our little walk on the beach was short lived.

Sunday Morning we had a huge breakfast, went to the island market and got G and C lots of beach toys and packed our bags and coolers for a day on the beach.

This little girl LOVED the water!  Much to our surprise, she only tried to eat the sand just once! Brad joked that Caroline knows what REAL food is!!

She wanted to make sure that everyone saw her stand on her own, so she did this about a million times.
It never gets old!

Grant pulled this wagon until the wheels fell off...LITERALLY! We are only on day 2, and we have already lost 2 wheels.
If you think this little girl has her daddy wraped around her finger...

 It was Caroline's nap time so, I layed her on me and she passed right out! She sleeps with a sound machine at home on the ocean setting so she was right at home taking a nap

 She slept in the wagon for a whopping 20 minutes, before she heard all the fun her brother was having without her.

How cute are Grant and Caroline's Beach Chairs?!

We all came in, took naps, shorwered and got ready for dinner.

 Our family of 4 before dinner

 This is where we ate, and it was OOOOO, so yummy!
 Gammy and Grant

Daddy stealing kisses!

My sweet boy and I!

We rode around after dinner, and then came home and got ready for bed.
We were all tucked in bed by 10pm.
Ready to start a new day!

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