Friday, July 8, 2011

July 4th

Our 4th of July weekend was completely packed with fun.  We spend Saturday-Monday on the lake and enjoyed every minute of it!

Saturday we headed out on the lake with Uncle Wes and Aunt Jocqueline.  The weather was perfect, we could not have asked for a better day!
Of course, Caroline spent her day eating..and eating..

 Grant was eager to get in the water

We watched Uncle Wes take a HARD fall off the tube, courtesy of his brother Brad!

 Grant enjoyed a ride with Uncle Wes

 and daddy too!

After a day on the lake we headed over to East Lincoln to watch the fireworks

Sunday, Grant's friend Peyton invited us over to play on the lake at his Grandparents house.  We had a ball! We took a ride on Peyton's boat, played in the lake, and ate some yummy food! The best part, was seeing these two cuties have such fun!!!!

Monday, we headed out and met some of our friends on the lake, tied up and spent hours just floating around and catching up.
 As much as TR doesn't want kid..I'm so happy he likes mine.  Both Grant and Caroline love him!!!

 I'm so happy Christina got practice with Grant..because she is a MOMMY TO BE!!!!

 Grant called Andrea Mom all day! ;)

 We love the Bustles!!

This little boy surprised us all, and was able to climb back on the boat all by his self!!  The child really has no fear!!

We had a wonderful holiday, and we are so blessed to spend the weekend with friends and family!

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