Sunday, August 7, 2011


We had a much needed "low key" kind of weekend around here.  Grant spent Friday night with Gammy and Pop-E while we finished up his big boy room (pictures to come!) and I must say that it looks amazing!!  Saturday, Brad, Caroline and I headed out to run a couple of errands and pick out a couple of birthday gifts for our soon to be 3 year old.  We even snuck in an afternoon nap.  I can't remember the last time we all took a nap on a Saturday!

Saturday evening we went up the road to Camp meeting.  We enjoyed visiting with friends and family, eating way to much food, and strolling around chatting with people.
If you have never been, you must go!

 I must say, my favorite part of going to Camp meeting is hitting up The Shack for a snow cone or in this visit some ice cream!!!

 Grant ordered some manilla (vanilla) ice cream. 
He ended up wearing more then he ate!

Sunday afternoon we ended up on Lake Norman.  I ALMOST had Brad convinced to go to the mall to start shopping for the kids fall clothes since it was tax free weekend...BUT we ended up here instead..
 I can't complain!

 We packed a lunch and found a spot to sit and swim

 How cute is she?!?!

and....he is the most handsome 2 year old ever!

So blessed!

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