Thursday, December 19, 2013

I'm Back!

I can't believe I've abandon my blog for over a year.
Life has been so busy, but I'm trying to get back into the swing of things.
I have one really good reason why:

We will soon leave the only place our family has called home, to plant new roots in the state of Virginia! 
Brad's job is taking us to the Virginia Beach area, in the beginning of
We do not have an exact date, or even an exact month yet.
We have no clue as to where we will live, or even an exact area.
We have yet to even visit the area.
Do y'all have ANY clue as to what all these "unknowns" can do to someone with OCD tendencies?
With all that aside 
We are thrilled!
The kids know we are moving, but have no concept of location.
If you tell them they will have the ocean as their playground 24/7, they will be just fine! :)
We have prayed about this decision for months.
  We are at complete peace, picking up our family and moving 6 hours away
 we will miss our family and friends desperately
 we know this is the right decision for our family
Brad has worked extremely hard for this
To say I am one proud wife would be an understatement!
It didn't come easy, by any means
Lots of tears were shed, and a whole lot of sleepless nights were had.
My plan is to keep this blog updated so our family and friends stay updated on our new adventure, and with the kiddos.
Pray for us.
  Pray that we find a home that meets all of our needs.
Pray that we have a smooth move.
Pray we find a church that we can call home.
Until next time!

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plexus slim in nc said...

How awesome for your family!!! I know you will have much success and happiness in Virginia!

Robin Phillips