Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Caroline's Birth Story

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Our sweet Caroline, was more of a planned surprise! :)  I will never forget how anxious I was to confirm my thoughts that she was in fact a girl. So much, that I made Brad fork over $120 a month early to find out.  I just knew from day one she was a girl. Unlike my pregnancy with Grant, I was sick, sick all day everyday.  I was thrilled I was finally going to have a GIRL! Hairbows, dresses, ruffle bottoms and barbie dolls all came to mind, and I was laying on that table during the ultrasound.  I wanted to find out early so we could tell our family at Christmas (3 weeks away) what we were having. Let me tell you, I didn't even make it out of the office doors before I was calling my mom, to share the news. Of course she cried, she cries at everything. 
My pregnancy with Caroline was a lot better, I still had high blood pressure, and I ran the risk of another premature delivery, but in the end, all went well. I was induced a 3 days early, due to back contractions and her weight. She was a hefty little thing! I was and still am ecstatic about having a girl. I now feel as if I and this family is now complete. We have both a boy and a girl!

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