Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Grant's Birth!

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Grant is TRULY my miracle baby! He was the biggest, yet the most wonderful surprise of my life. At 26 weeks I go the scare of a lifetime, something every pregnant women dreads. I was sent to the ER with a high pulse rate and blood pressure raising by the minute. My OB doctor looked at both Brad & I and told us to prepare for a delivery that night.  After Brad left the room, I asked my doctor, if he was born now..would he make it? He looked at me and said "honestly, probably not." I slowly died inside. I prayed to god, thinking, if you are going to take my unborn child, please just take me also. I had no idea who this baby was living inside me, what he looked like or who he was going to be in 20 years, All I knew was that I loved him, I loved him more than life itself. He was my complete heartbeat. I was given all kinds of medication, hooked up to every wire possible to monitor the baby, and to bring down my blood pressure. Most importantly I PRAYED! God answered my prayers, and the Blood Pressure slowly came down and we were sent home 4 days later.

I remember some nights getting down on my hands a knees and just praying, praying as I cried. I prayed for Grant 's health, my health, the medication I was put on to work it's magic and the future doctor and nurses that were going to deliver and take care of my child. I had to attend my doctor visits twice a week from there on out, each time I had an ultrasound, and had a non-stress test. I will admit, each time walking into that office, I was petrified, scared beyond words they were going to tell me today is the day. 

Grant was born at 36 weeks. He was healthy and was able to come home with us! Never, under estimate the power of prayer.

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