Thursday, October 28, 2010

Caroline's Side Kick

Meet Sophie!

Sophie was born in France 40+ years ago, but she joined The Propst Family, late..late..late Tuesday night! Our little bitty (I never realized how many names I have for Caroline.) is teething!  She is crying all day, has enough drool to fill a pool, and will shove anything  that will fit in her mouth.  After finding out Hyland Teething Tablets were recalled (Ahhhh!) I became DESPERATE!  I called the pediatrician, and asked her recommendations, without hesitation she said "SOPHIE!"  I had not a single clue what or who she was talking about.  She told me to google her and then go buy her..if you can find her, she seems to be selling fast!

So I googled!  Sophie is made of rubber, and rubber only.  She is made with food grade paints, and of course contains no lead.  She is easy to grip and has many places to chew on.  Caroline especially enjoys her face, sorry Sophie! They also say she is good for sight, smell, taste and hearing..she even squeaks! :)

There is one draw back to Sweet Sweet Sophie..she comes with a price tag, a hefty one at that! $22.95 seems like a lot to pay for a teething toy, and it is.  Before I called Brad to pick her up, I questioned my sanity, and I am sure he did too! In the end, Daddy could not say no to this:

Those sweet cheeks and baby blues will get you every time ;)


Taylor Wise said...

Sophie was not popular when Parker was born but now I don't know a single baby who doesn't have a Sophie! She's on our registry for #2! I'm glad it worked for you!

The Propst Family said...

I had no clue who she was with Grant. Though with Grant we had ZERO teething nightmares! She is wonderful, and a for sure must have for #2!! :)