Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Manic Tuesday!

Our Tuesday was packed full of fun events! First off it was itty-bittys 5 Month Birthday! We had play group. Lunch with mom. Errands. Last but not least..Election Day..with a little celebration! Here are some pictures for a recap:

Itty-Bitty snoozing while Mommy gets ready.

It is always a mad-dash to get out the door on time, especially when we a have a certain time to be somewhere!  This morning we had a play date.  Grant LOVES hanging out with friends, and playing outside.  Here are some pictures of the kiddos having a quick snack before heading out to enjoy a beautiful Carolina Fall day!


Caroline hanging out!

Next stop, a quick lunch with mom at good ole' Chick-Fil-A, before heading to Target for a few items.

Mom took this (and some others too) picture of my sweet girl and I.

It was election day 2010.  Our neighbor (lives down the street kind of neighbor) and a long time friend of Brad's parents was running for Register of Deeds for Lincoln County..and WON! Woohoo!  After all the votes came in and the winner was announced it was time to celebrate! Where else in Denver would you celebrate except for Sports Page?!  Sad for me, it was to late (and to cold) to justify dragging the kiddies out of bed to attend. I did make Brad swear to take pictures, or I would not let him back in the house..and this is what he came home with:

 Courtney, Danny's Daughter
 Danny Hester, Register of Deeds for Lincoln Co.
Brad and Danny

We had a fun Tuesday, but I must admit..I am ready for a low key Wednesday.  Only to gear back up for the weekend!

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