Monday, November 22, 2010

When she laughs, I can't help but to smile! :)

Oh, how blessed I am..

Caroline is really starting to get q personality.  I know it will only grow with time, but she is really becoming her own person.  I am so blessed to watch her grow into a sweet little girl everyday.  She does have her D I V A moments, but she is such a good baby.  Grant was too. I am wondering how in the world Brad and I got so lucky with two AMAZING children, but we are counting our blessings!

Caroline giggles all the time, especially when her daddy kisses her on the neck area (as Brad would say..under all the rolls!!)  When Sophie makes her appearance,  when we play peek-a-boo, or when she catches a glance of her big bro in action.  She is such a doll baby, I look forward to many many more laughs with her!

I love you baby girl! :)

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