Saturday, December 4, 2010

Happy 6 months Caroline!

Sorry Love bug, this picture was taking at have no clothes on, but you do have a bow in your hair! :)  It was the only picture I got of just you on your 6 month birthday (bad mommy!) We had a busy day!

I can't believe you are 6 months old! That means in 6 more will be ONE!  Can you believe your crazy momma has already thought about your party?  I must tell you, I was talking your daddy about your party, and he said he wanted to do it BIG! (wooohooo!) You already have him wrapped around your chubby little finger!

My guess is you are close to 18 pounds.  You have so many rolls, it is adorable!

You are wearing 6 month clothes, but give it a week or two and I am sure we will be dressing you in 9 month clothes.

You wear a size 3 diaper (one size shy of your 2 year old brother!)

You eat close to 32 ounces of milk and one solid food a day.  Your world lights up when you see a bottle, as if you have never been fed. 

Your favorite toy is still Sophie, and a teething toy your brother got from the Easter Bunny.

Still, no teeth have come in, but we are expecting them any day now.

You can almost sit up!  When I sit you up, you lean down to get your feet and can't quite make it back up yet, but you are doing soooo good!

We got out the walker for you, it especially comes in handy when mommy is making dinner.  You don't really "walk" in it, but you love the toys that are on it.  Plus your brother loves to push you in it.

You are still sleeping all night! Praise The Lord!  Though, sometimes you roll over, and we have to come flip you back.

On your 6 month birthday, you made you very first trip to DUKE (yahooooo!) Though, it was not for good reasons.  Your great aunt was having surgery.  So far, everything has worked in our favor and she is doing well.  I did get to snag some pictures as we waited in the waiting room:

You and your Great Grandma Pat

You and mommy's cousin Wes

You, Wes and his girlfriend Jessie!

You are growing so fast! We have so much to look forward too. 

I love you beyond words,
Mommy :)

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