Friday, December 24, 2010

Preparing for Santa!

Santa came to our house last night!!
(I type this as I wait for Grant and Caroline to wake up!..Hurry up babies!!!)
 Wooohoo! We are all so very excited.  Brad and I are just dying to see their faces to this morning.  There were a few things we had to do to prepare for Santa's arrival.

First: Both babies needed to get squeaky clean for Santa:

Second: We needed to bake Santa cookies, to leave for him and the reindeer.  Even though the Reindeer eat carrots, we thought we would leave them a sweet treat too :)

Lastly, leave out the cookies and some milk by the chimney.

AND..this is where it all went south....
Grant just didn't understand why he could not eat Santa's cookies!
So, we told him those were for Santa, and Santa would not come unless he went to sleep.
What did Grant do?
 He decided to PROTEST!
 He said he was going to sleep right here (on the couch) so he could see Santa his self. 
 He made it very clear... he was not moving!!!!

With lots of hard work and lots of bribing, we got little man to go sleep in his own bed!
  First, he had to have one more look at those cookies!

 Our Sweet Caroline was fast asleep, waiting for Santa to arrive

Merry Christmas!
The Propst Family

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