Saturday, December 18, 2010

Rolls, sweetness, and more rolls!

Caroline had her 6 month check-up yesterday (even though she is really 6 1/2 months.)  And the stats are in:

Weight- 17 pounds 15 ounces (75th-90th)

Height- 25 3/4 inches (50th)

Head Circumference- 17 1/2 (90th-95th)..Both of my babies have big heads..I hope this means lots of brains?!?

Beyond all, she is healthy, happy and chubby! Just they way we want her :)

While we were waiting for the doctor, I snapped a couple of shots of her:
I spy...ROLLS!! Bless her

I spy..MORE ROLLS! Check out those arms :)

She is 100% sheer PERFECTION!

Caroline handled her shots like a pro! I was such a proud mommy.  Up until today, when she would get shots, I was positive you could hear her scream from here to Africa.  Not today, she got the shots, looked around for me, and gave out a slight whimper.  I quickly snagged her up and embraced her and she was fine.

Grant was never one to have reactions to shots, such as a fever and fussiness. Caroline does! Whoa doggies, it must be a girl thing!  Good thing her big bro was there to kiss those sweet little boo-boos! they come any sweeter?!?

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