Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Busy Week!!!!!!

Man! I feel like we have soooo many things on our plate this week! Mostly fun things, so I can't complain.  Though, I am sad to report a Cold Bug has hit the Propst home.  It has ran it's course through Brad, and now currently Grant and I.  Caroline, too is now showing symptoms! UGHHHHHHHHHH!  Nothing is worse then having sick babies.  :(

Bible Study started back this week.  We are unable to attend this week, due to our nasty colds.  We will miss our friends! :(

Grant has a Valentine's Day party tomorrow.  He is handing out  Toy Story 3 Valentine's to his friends.  I can't wait!!!!!

Tomorrow at 9 pm ( who decides on the time..don't they know that is way past my bedtime?!?!)  is the Duke-Carolina game.  Can I just tell you, I ALREADY have knots in my stomach.  I usually end up with severe stomach pain or throwing up by the end of this game.  If you haven't noticed we take anything DUKE related, VERY SERIOUSLY in this house hold! Haha!!!! GO BLUE DEVILS!!!!!!

Friday night we are having a game night with some of our friends.  They all have kids the same age as ours, so everyone will be entertained! :)

Saturday we are going to Greensboro for the Circus.  Brad and I have been telling Grant about our upcoming trip,  and he tells us he can't wait to see the elephants. :)

New Things:

Caroline is learning to drink from a sippy cup, and is doing quite well!!!!
At times, she gets extremely frustrated...it has to be that PROPST TEMPER!!!

She loves to dump out all the juice..

About 2 weeks ago, Caroline learned how to wave.  Her first "wave" was to her daddy!  Every time I would whip out the camera she would stop, so this was the best I could get: (She is ALWAYS easily distracted by food!) :)

We have a CRAZY BUSY week.  As always we are so thankful to be surrounded by loving friends & family & are so fortunate to be able to do such fun and amazing things with our kiddos!

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