Thursday, February 10, 2011

Thank you Basketball & Snow Gods!!!

After last night's game & this mornings weather report.....I am POSITIVE they DO exist!! Hahahaha!!!!

I am am FIRM believer there are only TWO games that matter all season. Duke at Carolina & Carolina at Duke.  ALL Duke games are important, but these two games are like "to infinity and beyond" (as Grant would say) important.

When I was younger and the game was just to intense for me to handle, my mom and I would sneak off to another room while my dad and brother stayed back to watch.  We could always tell what direction the game was going by how loud they yelled, the cuss words that came flying out of their mouths (sad, but true! ha!), or whatever item hit the walls (sad again, but true!)  I am quickly learning, it is a "McAfee THANG!" to throw items at the TV....! :)

Now, I don't have such fanatics watching the game for me when times get rough.  I have to watch it unfold with my bare eye.  I am quickly seeing "The McAfee" come out in me.  Poor Grant!  Brad has to tell me many of times to stop yelling before I wake Grant up.  I AM becoming my Grandfather, dad & brother!!

We are now at one game down, one more to go!  Carolina took a big fat L back home with them to Chapel Hill last night, and I could not be happier! :)

On a much lighter note...the weather men were calling for snow last night.  Anywhere from 1-2 inches.  This is what we got:
A light dusting! Woohoo!!!!! We all know I am not a fan of the snow.  Thankfully when we woke up this morning our day could carry on as usual.  No delays, no problems for Brad getting to work, and it is supposed to be near 50 degress today! :)

So hopefully the sunshine will melt what little that we got! Hurry up spring!!
Don't ya think the sky has a little DUKE BLUE tint to it today?!?!?!

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