Thursday, February 10, 2011

Sick Caroline and a Sweet V-Day Party!!

Let me just start off and say...
 Tuesday afternoon Caroline spiked a fever of 102, and it was the most pitiful sight you have ever seen.  Brad came home from work and attended to his little girls every need.
 It was quite the scene, I never get that kind of treatment! Ha! 
 I am pretty sure he would have moved any size mountain just to make her feel better.
  Neither of us got a decent amount of sleep so Brad stayed home with Caroline on Wednesday so Grant and I could attend Kristin & Logan's Valentines Day Party!!

The kiddos enjoyed an amazing spread of sweet treats.  The moms enjoyed some "girl talk" in between the pushing, throwing of toys, and the melt downs...ahhhh life with toddlers! :)

They made a Valentines day wreath, that is now hanging PROUDLY on our refrigerator!

Grant decorated his very own cupcake...

and then enjoyed every bite of it! :)

Grant's BFF Logan did too! :)

I am now happy to report, Caroline is fever free, and is feeling so much better! 
 Isn't it amazing what a little of daddy's love can do?? With a little help of Tylenol!

Great party Kristin and Logan! Thanks for inviting us! :)

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