Monday, April 11, 2011

A Monday never looked so good!!

I am sure I am the only one to say, Thank goodness it is Monday!!! I need a day to rest from our eventful weekend!  I have recieved a lot of text's asking about G- Man and what happened, so here it goes:

Saturday we headed to Knights Castle to see a baseball game that Brad's brother praticipated in.  We stopped and got lunch before hand to eat in the parking lot at the ball field.  When we got there Grant needed to use the potty, with no potty  insight we let him go behind the car.  Within seconds of Grant peeing her started complaining of stomach pain.  He was crying hystrically.  Coming from a child who NEVER cries like that and who has NEVER been sick (im talking has only been to the Doctor 1 time besides a Well Check) we knew something was wrong.  He was out of control.  We thought maybe if we got him in to see the ball game he would cheer up and we could go on about our day.  As we were all walking in Grant suddenly grabbed his tummy and fell to his knees.  Brad and I both looked at each other and knew we had to take him somewhere.  Caroline stayed with Gammy and Pop-E. (Thank You!!!!)  We were on our way to the nearest hospital (CMC-Pineville)

Here is a picture of Grant, right before his tummy started hurting. 

We arrive at the hospital, one person was in front of us to go back.  It looked like she only needed stitches for a minor cut.  I thought SURLEY they would take us first, since he was a small child with an unknown pain, crying hystraically.  NOPE. We waited, and waited, and waited some more.  It took all I had not to barge through those double doors and demand someone look at my child. 

Finally, we are back! The Doctor has ordered blood work.  Ya'll all know, there is only one way to get blood.  They wrapped Grant up in sheet, with only one arm out, and Brad holding his legs down.  I am pretty sure Hong Kong heard Grant screaming, and I'm pretty sure I could have filled an ocean with my tears.  Grant was screaming, crying and just looking at me with his eyes like he was saying "why momma?" it was pretty horrific. I told Brad I would have gave birth 10 times over then to go through that again.

Blood work is back, and his White Blood Count is elevated.  Meaning there could be some type of infection somewhere.  At this point this ER doctor is thinking appendicitis.  He wanted to ship Grant downtown to Levine to be seen by a Pediatric Surgeron.  Grant got to ride in an ambulance, which he thought was pretty cool, however our insurance company, may not be thinking the same thing.

(Thses are picture from Brad's cell phone, so they are not the best!)

We arrive at Levine, and this is where I get MAD.  We are directed to the Pediatric ER, and are put in a room.  We were sent here to see a surgeron, and to do a CT Scan, because the Doctor at the last hospital did not feel comfortable doing it with a child Grant's age.  We are seen by the Dr at Levine, she examines Grant.  I will say at this point, Grant is looking much better, and his acting pretty normal.  She pushes on Grant's stomach to see is she can get any kind of reaction from him, and he shows no signs of pain. 

I know they are very limited to what they can do with a child Grant's age, as far as test and getting him to drink contrast to get a CT Scan. Trust me, I go through it everyday just to get him to drink milk.


I did not just spend 3 hours at one hospital, have my son pretty much tied down to a table to get blood and an IV.  Be forced to lay on  a cold table, still screaming a crying just to get an x-ray.  Transfered downtown by MEDIC to another hospital, and the doctor walk in, look at my child and say "Come back tomorrow, if he is still in pain."

I was just in shock.  One ER doctor is pretty much telling us he may need surgery, and the othe one is sending us on our way, saying have a nice day!

There were so many questions running through my mind, I just could not get them all out.  Thank goodness for our awesome peditrician.  I have already called her and she has calmed all my nerves, and answerd all my question.

We were discharged  with no answers to what caused his pain. Grant wanted nothing more then to go home with Gammy and Pop-E.  I wanted nothing more then to take my baby boy home and cuddle with him.  I knew his Gammy and Pop-E would make him happy and forget about his HORRIBLE day so off to Monroe he went!  Brad, Caroline and I were in bed by 8:30 pm, haha!!!

Grant was so looking forward to that baseball game Saturday,  From the moment we walked into the hospital Saturday he would tell Brad and I in the most cheerful voice "My tummy is all better, I go watch baseball."  We thought we would make it up to him on Sunday since they were playing another game.  Well, wouldn't you know, that AFTER we had the car all packed up AGAIN, pulling out of our driveway, Brad gets a text "Game CANCELLED!"

This can't be happening.

Sooooooooooo... off the Auto Fair we went.  It was at the Charlotte Motor Speedway.  Since Grant is obsessed with race cars, we though he would love to see the race track!

We were right!! :)

Grant thought it was so cool to walk on the track!!

They got to meet Lug Nut!

Got to see Ryan Newman's car.  Dont worry Carl Edwards is still his favorite! :)

Even jumped in a bounce house. Was he really just in the hospital yesterday?!?!

Caroline just enjoyed having her big bro back!! :)

My gang at the Start/Finish line.

Now, this is my kind of wagon!!! I wonder if they sell this bad boy at Toys R' US?!?!

2 sleepy kiddos and 2 exhausted parents, we ended our weekend with a bed time story and put our baby cubs to bed.  

Thank you all for the calls, text and emails!!! We are so thankful that this weekend is OVER, and most importantly to have our Grant back to normal!!


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