Friday, May 6, 2011

Florida - Day Four

On our final day, we packed up, grabbed breakfast, and made our way back to St Augustine.   We did not get to spend all the time we wanted to on our first day, so we decided since it's on our way home we would stop again.  I can never get enough of St. Augustine!!

We stopped at a park right in the middle of town to let Grant and Caroline play and enjoy the beautiful 85 degree day.  Seriously, it was gorgeous outside.  We rode on this cute Carousel, and just played around and took pictures afterwards.

Caroline enjoyed swinging with Gammy

While Grant and I enjoyed our time on the playground.  We even met another Grant! :)

We took yet another trolley ride around town.  We had a few minutes so we parked our buns on a bench to wait for the trolley.  Grant was so inpatient he began yelling "Train..where are youuu?!"

Grant is obsessed with stickers, and as we were waiting the Ticket Man gave Grant a First Trolley ride sticker, he was all smiles! ;)

We got off at one of the stops to head down St. George St to grab lunch. On our way, we let Grant throw some pennies in the water.  I hope he made a wish!!

Isn't it gorgeous?! That's Flagger College in the background. 

After lunch, we started making our way back to the car, though not before Grant threw more pennies in to another fountain!

Gammy and Grant rode the trolley back to the car, Caroline and I walked back since she was sleeping.  As I was walking back I snapped a picture of one of my favorite spots in St. Augustine

With an awesome trip behind us and many memories made, we headed back to Charlotte. 
Home Sweet Home!!!

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