Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Florida - Day Three

**Warning- a long post with LOT'S of pictures!**
Thursday morning we headed to Orlando from Plant City. Grant was so excited to see Mickey and Minnie, and especially Buzz! We arrived at the park around 10 and our day was packed full of making memories!
I was thrilled to show Caroline her castle the day before the Royal wedding?! :)

We started off by watching a show right in front of the castle.  It was Grant's first time seeing all the characters he watches each morning, his face was priceless.  He was so amazed!

Grant and I rode the tea cups.  He was super scared while standing in line, after the ride was over I had to bribe him to get off! :)

Caroline watched and waited

Next, Grant I headed over to the race track.  Grant even got to drive, which he thought was amazing.  You can barley see him in the picture, which should tell you how his driving was.  I sure hope he gets more practice before he turns 16!

We visited Winnie the Pooh's house

We even got to meet Piglet and Pooh!

Gammy D gets sick on rides that go around, but some how a cute little boy convinced her to ride Dumbo!

We took a break for the horrible heat and bright sun and all rode It's a Small World.  What a great break and nice boat ride.  I honestly did not want to get off!
Gammy and Grant rode the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, and Caroline and I found some shade and took a break.

How can you blame her? It was HOT!

Though she was sweating  glistening, her shirt is soaked from the bottle of water she poured on her self.

We cought an afternoon parade.  I am glad the kept it short and sweet, standing out in that sun was horrible!

Grant and I waited in line to meet Woody!

While in line we met this sweet boy from Texas. Reynolds and his family traveled to see the Space Shuttle take off which clearly did not happen.  He even shared his new Lightening McQueen with Grant while waiting on Woody.  These two had so much fun together!

Probably one of my favorite picutes! I love how personal all the characters were with Grant.

Making our way around the park, Gammy and Grant hoped of Aladdin's magic carpet

Grant and I enjoyed the Buzz Lighter ride (and the air condition)

We got to met Buzz, and even got his autograph! :)
Grant talked about Buzz holding his hand for days, he thought he was something else!!! :)

Grant and Gammy rode The People Mover, while Caroline and I enjoyed people watching

What better to end our day with Mickey and Minnie!!

I can't even explain how much fun we had.  Seeing Grant's face light up at every single thing made paying 87 buckaroo's just to walk in....worth every penny!!! We are already planning our next trip back!
And before ya'll start feeling sorry for Brad about missing all this, let me just remind you that taking 2 kids to a park like this was no walk in the park.  He was "kid-less" for 6 days. He spent his weekend with Guys from work lounged out on a boat.  He had his fun too!! :)

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