Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Florida- Day Two

We were awaken bright and early (4:30am) by an eager 2 year old, ready to start his day!  We started off the morning with a trolley ride around St. Augustine.

Caroline waiting on the trolley, poor thing looks so sleepy!
I did not take any pictures on the trolley because the bumpy ride around the city put this sweet girl sound to sleep in my arms. Grant enjoyed the ride, he loved riding the "train!"

After our ride, we packed up the car and made our way torwards Orlando to meet David andVickie (who we stayed with night 3-4), Kristen, her husband and their son Audie for lunch before they headed back to Colorado.  During this drive is where Gammy D and I had the BRIGHT idea to go to Magic Kingdom (Day 3) 

 Grant, Me, Audie, Kristen and Caroline after lunch

It was so nice to finally meet this sweet thang! He is only 1-2 months younger then Caroline.

 Our original plans were to go to Dinosaur World on Day 3, but since that day was being invaded by Mickey and Co. we decided to head to Plant City and go to Dinosaur World after lunch. It was about an hour drive from Orlando, which was great.  It gave the kids time to catch a nap and time for me to convince Brad to let me go to Magic Kingdom without him! :)

Dinosaur World was awesome! Grant was the perfect age for this.  We walked through, and Grant was able to recoginize and name some of the Dinosaurs, I was impressed! 

After we strolled through Dinosaur World, we headed to dinner at Pizza Hut.  Don't worry eating out yet again, did not dissapoint.  This meal was filled with Grant peeing on me, Caroline having a blow out and spilling a drink, Grant refusing to eat, and as I was putting Grant in the car, I spilt my whole drink down my leg.  When we left our table, I joked that Hurricane Propst came through, that's how bad it looked.

We were all bathed and in bed by 8:30 pm. 
My kind of night!

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