Monday, May 2, 2011

Happy 11 Months Caroline!!

those words were so hard to type! :(
How can my 7lbs 14oz sweet baby girl already be just 1 month shy of being a TODDLER?!

You have had quite a busy month little one!
You learned to crawl, instead of the hilarious belly scoot.
Within the last 2 days you have been able to stand on your own for an impressive 3 seconds!
You have started to walk with your walker..

It won't be long til those sweet little legs are put to work.
You have 6 pearly white teeth, and love to show them off and any given time.
You wear 12-18 month clothes, and a size 4 diaper.
My guess is, you weigh 23-25 pounds (just 3-5 lbs lighter then your 2 1/2 year old brother!)

Edible or not, any thing and everything goes into that mouth!!
Just this week, I had to fish out of your mouth a piece of shag rug, a (USED) Lightening McQueen Band aid, a gum wrapper, and some coins your daddy left laying out.
I'm not sure if you are hurting my chances of getting a better Vacuum or not. We need a really good one to pick up all these things, but when we have you...there is nothing left to pick up! :)

You still take 3 bottles a day, but chances are, you never will finish one.
You also eat 3 meals a day.  Lately you have been giving me an attitude towards baby food, and much rather eat off our plates.

Your brother is still your very best friend. Fingers crossed the love will continue through the years!
He is the only one who can bring you from tears to smiles.
I'm pretty sure the feeling is mutual.
Whenever you take a nap, Grant always asks about you, and asks "When is sissy getting up?!"

I love the way y'all love each other!!
You can say "momma" and "dadda" I am pretty sure you can associate us with these words too.  All this week when daddy wasn't around you only said "momma" but when daddy got home yesterday you said "dadda."
When you are hungry or tired, you say "momma!"
Melt my heart!!

You are still such a great sleeper.
You take 2 naps. 9:30 and 1:30
You go to bed by 7pm and sleep until 7-8am.
We are so blessed, you love to sleep as much as we do!

You are a little girl with a BIG sassy Attitude!
You are such a sweet baby UNTIL....... you want, and don't receive!
I am trying to teach you patience, but I am losing that battle!!

I can't believe is just one month we are celebrating your 1st birthday! We have so much to celebrate!  This year we are doing something special at your birthday in memory of your Pop-Pop who passed away last month.  I am very excited to celebrate two people I love!!

I Love You!!!

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