Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Humbling Weekend

What a crazy exciting weekend we had here!!  Thursday night, Grant waited anxiously by the window to see Brad pull in the driveway with our Grant's new boat.  He arrived around 8pm, and I'm pretty sure we didn't get Grant off of it until 10pm.  He was in love, and reminded Brad and I that it was HIS boat!!

Friday marked 1 month since my dad passed away.  Now that my life has calmed down, I've had a lot of time to actually process everything. It is actually hitting me that my dad is gone, and I'm having a really rough time!  When I see friends not taking advantage of the time they have with their parents, it hurts my heart.  I just wish I had the nerve to tell them to APPRECIATE every second with their loved ones.  As I know, your life can be changed in a split second!!!

Friday I spent the day with my mom car shopping! She had a list of places she wanted to go.  We went to one place and she bought the first car she saw, haha!!  She got a 2011 Ford Edge and it is SASSY!!! She loves it!! I'm so happy for her, she more then deserves a new ride!!

Much to my surprise, Brad and I got a new car too! :)

Last Wednesday (after we just put $600 tires on, and paid $100 in car taxes) Brad sent me a text saying we needed to look into trading in our jeep.  I though he was nuts, after all that money we spent.  Though, it has been on our minds for awhile, we both knew we needed something bigger.  With two kids, brings two car seats, a double stroller, and all of our luggage when we go on vacation.  Not to mention our jeep would not even pull our new boat! 

We got a Yukon (Denali) and we are all in LOVE!!! Brad even said we had room for another kid, I about threw up my dinner.

Saturday we spent our day boating on Lake Norman..
what a life we led this weekend! Haha!!
I must admit, seeing Grant's face was completely worth all the work getting that darn boat out there!
 I see storing the boat at a Marina in our future, though!

 Grant wearing his "life saver" as he called it :)

 The princess enjoy the sun and wind through her hair

G-Man even took a snack break...such a shocker!

 Caroline did too

Daddy and his little girl

Momma and her little boy

Caroline enjoying the sun (and the food!)

Grant was all smiles from sunrise to sun down about his new boat!!

Grant enjoying The Good Life!! :)

Our family of four
  I need to brush my mom up on her picture taking skills!!)

Brad and I spent our nights just looking at our driveway..a new car to our left and a boat to our right..both almost in tears talking abour how blessed we are.  I told my mom that it was so ironic that all this happened on the 1 month anniversary of my dad's death, almost like it was his way of saying...here you go, you deserve all of this after all ya'll have been through. As much as I wish he could be here to enjoy our new purchases with us, I feel his presence all around me, and I know he is enjoying seeing the smiles on our faces! ;)

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