Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Monday Funday!

Yesterday we did much of NOTHING! It was so darn hot to venture out with two kiddos in tow.  I did however, manage to run to to grocery store..which took all the energy I had!!!

When Brad got home (and you better believe Grant was asking me how many minutes until daddy got home!) we took the boat out on the lake.  Uncle Wes met us and we had a ball!!  It was still hot but the sun was going down and it made for some pretty good pictures, not to mention the memories! ;)

G-Man was more then excited to be out on "da rivea" as he calls it. 
 It's really a lake !:)

 The kids loved to look off the back as the boat was moving.  The laughs that came out of these two were priceless!!

 Caroline loved the wind blowing through her hair

Grant even got to sit up front all by his self.

Caroline looked on as her silly brother jumped off the back of the boat..

 This kid has no fear..which really makes me nervous! I love that he loves the water..because he will be spending a lot of time out there!!

 Just soaking it all in ;)

 Sweetest picture ever!!

Momma and her sweet baby girl!

Grant now waves at every passing boat, with a glimmer of hope they wave back!! ;)

Not our typical Monday night, but it is so nice to have this as an option!!

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