Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend

We spent our Memorial Day weekend in Atlanta with Pop-E and Gammy D. During our 2 day stay we had lots of fun activities planned!!  We enjoyed Stone Mtn., The Georgia Aquarium, The Varsity, Atlanta Braves game..and what vacation is complete without a a trip to the ER?! ;)

We headed out Saturday morning to meet Pop-E, Gammy and Grant since they kept him over night.  As we were loading up my Camera bag fell out of the car, and somehow messed up my smaller lens.  Good news-  It is still covered under the warranty.  Bad news-  I had to use a bigger lens all weekend.  I will apologize in advance for all the up close and personal pictures, haha!  We did stop by a Best Buy and Wolf Camera as soon as we hit Atlanta, but as my luck goes..they only sell the lens I need within a Camera Kit purchase.


Saturday night we headed out to Stone Mountain to enjoy a picnic and watch the Laser Show.  I knew it was going to be crowded, but it was CRAZY crowded!!  Brad and I took Grant on the train ride around the mountain, while Gammy and Pop-E enjoyed some time with Caroline.  Grant snacked on ice cream and played with a new toy sword that daddy got him (and Brad calls me the sucker!!)

Caroline danced to the songs of the laser show, while Grant tried to sing along with them..it really was precious!!  I was really impressed with the firework show afterwords!!  However, I was NOT impressed with the common curiosity of others who just plopped right down in front of my child and I, completely blocking our view of the show!!

Before we headed out on this trip I warned Brad, that our children DO NOT sleep in hotels.  Boy...did he experience first hand what I was talking about! ;)  We MAYBE got 3 hours of sleep Saturday night, and we were up by 5:45am Sunday morning. 

Sunday we headed to the Georgia Aquarium.  My advice- if you are planning in advance to go here, buy your tickets online!! Standing in line for an hour and a half with kids in the hot Georgia heat was horrific and at one point I even asked myself if I REALLY thought it would be worth all this.  I am so glad we stayed..Grant LOVED it!  It was packed, really packed..but worth it! ;)

We headed to The Varsity for a late lunch after we wrapped up our tour of the Aquarium.  Grant slept the whole time we ate, and Caroline enjoyed getting to snack off of every ones lunch and sipping on Pop-E's orange drink.  The girl  LOVES her food! ;)

We headed back to the hotel for quick naps (what a joke!) before it was time to go to the Braves game.  Taking a nap was not on Grant's itinerary, and Caroline HAD TO HAVE one before we would even consider taking her to the game.  Since Brad was struggling with the lack of sleep the night before, Grant and I did a little shopping around our hotel so our two sleepy heads could take a nap.

Thank goodness the game was at 8pm!  Mercy it was HOTTTT!!  Grant flirted with the girl in front of us, while Caroline was smiling ear to ear at the guys behind us.  Whose kids are these?!?!!? HAHA!!!  The highly intoxicated college kids behind us kept on telling me that our children were model material!! Around the 7th inning Brad and I took Grant to stand in line to run the bases after the game.

Running the bases = standing in like for an hour, a running loose 2 year old on Turner Field, 1 blurry picture, a bloody leg for daddy, one MAD momma, a visit to the First Aid at Turner Field, a trip to the ER, 3 staples in Brad's leg, antibiotics for 10 days, but one VERY HAPPY 2 YEAR OLD BOY!!!!!!!!!

Unfortunately, Brad nor I got to see Grant run the bases.  We were making the mad dash to home plate to try to meet him at the gate when he was done.  As we were rushing to meet Grant, Brad jumped over the stands and cut his leg on what we think was a screw of some sort.  For what we hear, Grant had the best time ever!  I'm so sad we missed the whole thing!!!

(My one and only picture of Grant running the bases at Turner Field)

Knowing we could not handle another sleepless night Brad and I debated on rather to just go ahead and head home after the game of just stay until we woke up the next morning.  We decided to stay, and we were both awake at 5:45am Monday morning.  We packed up and were on the road by 7am.  We stopped at a Wal-Mart in Commerce to get Brad some band-aides since his leg was still bleeding pretty badly.  As I was about to change out the band aide, we both decided he needed to be seen in the ER.  Luckily, there was a hospital on the exit we were at.  A visit to the shadiest ER ever, and 3 staples in Brads leg, were were FINALLY on our way home to good ole' NC!

Home Sweet Home!!!

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