Friday, May 27, 2011

Tornado's, Memorial Day, and Morning fun!

Last night we had a horrible storm.  Crazy wind, loud thunder and lightening constantly lighting up the sky.  After all that has happened this week with tornado's, I was freaking out!  I was debating on waking up Caroline (Grant was at Gammy & Pop-E's) to bring her down stairs with me, but luckily it did not get to that point.  As I was terrified inside, my sweet, protecting (ha!) husband was outside in the garage protecting his most prized possessions..his boat and car! Now talk about taking a back seat!!

Since the Coca-Cola 600 is this weekend, I wonder how the fans that were camping out took cover?!  Did they have to "buckle" down their trailers or did they all run into the bathrooms for protection?  As I was laying in my bed debating what to do, I was thinking about the people at the race track..random I know!

This weekend we are heading to Atlanta, with Brad's parents.  We all pray this trip turns out better then our previous trip, last August!! Our plans are to attend The Stone Mountain Laser Show - I can't wait to see G's face and watch Caroline dance to the music. Anytime music is playing Sweet Caroline likes to shake her groove thang!  We also have plans to attend the Braves game Sunday night.  I'm extra excited about this, since it is run the bases night for kiddos!  Grant is going to think he is hot stuff running on that baseball field.  Anyone who comes in contact with him within the next month or two..I am sure you will hear all about it! ;)

I hope we can also add the Georgia Aquarium to the list.  Even though Brad and I were not impressed the last time we went (before kids)  I know Grant and possibly even Caroline will love it, and lets be's all about the kids anyways!

Since Grant is away wearing out  playing with Pop-E and Gammy D, I enjoyed a precious morning with my favorite girl!  We spent the whole morning just playing in her room, with all of her girl toys!  We rode her rocking horse, had a tea party and sang our favorite songs.  I love this one on one time I get with her.  She is changing so fast, I just want to soak up every minute with her!!!

Caroline is loving playing with all of Grant's toys she never gets to explore before they are ripped out of her hands by her big bro.  After I got her up this morning, she immediately crawled into Grant's room saying "Bub-ba" (She calls Grant Bubba) 

The plan is to stay in our PJ's all day, clean house and pack! What fun I know, but someone has to do it!  We may even take the boat out tonight to grab dinner if the weather is looking up this afternoon.

Hope everyone has  a great Memorial Day weekend!
Last Memorial Day I was in the beginning stages of Labor with this cutie..and I didn't even know it! ;)

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