Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Paging Dr. Propst!

This morning was ROUGH!  I had the chills, a pounding headache and vomiting.  Despite all this..it was 8am, and two sweet babies were calling my name.  When I got Grant up I told him that mommy doesn't feel good so no screaming and running around.  He said "Mommy you need the doctor??" and came back looking like this:
He took my blood pressure (on my forehead) and quickly told me I was "ALLLL BETTA!"

Mercy me, he melts my heart!

While Grant is busy melting my heart, Caroline is in to EVERYTHING!!
She has now discovered where Grant gets all the toys from to play with.  This is the "before" picture.  I wish I had the "after" picture to show you what kind of hurricane came through that play room after she was done.

Thankfully, that is not her masterpiece she drew.  She has not discovered the world of coloring yet.  I pray that will be awhile.  Now that she has learned to crawl, she is soooo fast and very sneaky.  The complete opposite of Grant when he was her age.  This morning with all I had going on, I gave her my keys to play with, they can usually keep her entertained for awhile. As I was taking Grant to the potty a few hours later, I found my keys in the toilet.

She has her 1st bruise! :(  It happened sometime Saturday morning while I was getting ready, and Brad was supposed to be "watching" the kids! :)

Today at lunch she stole her big brother's sandwich. 
Girl LOVES to eat!

If this is a reflection on how she is going to be in 16 years..we're in trouble!!

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