Monday, May 9, 2011

In Charge!!

Grant woke up one morning and wanted to make sure we knew he was the:

You better believe he wore that shirt proudly! Haha!  Unfortunately, sometimes he think he is the Adult in charge too!  For about 3 months now, he has been giving us(especially me) a run for our money.  He is such a sweet little boy when he wants to be, but quickly changes his whole demeanor when he wants to too.  We have been having a hard time going out to eat lately with both kids.  When we get a $30-$40 bill, and realize we just had a cold hamburger because we were trying to control our wild children, it's just not worth it at all!!!  We are working on his listening skills.  He obeys Brad very well, but I'm afraid he sees me as the push over, because he knows I melt at his feet.  Trust me, I am working on this.  I know if I don't fix it now, it will just get worse.

He is obsessed with all things Lightening McQueen.  His fire place accident sparked his addiction to....BAND AIDS!!  The other day we were in the store and a little boy was crying because his mom would not get him a cookie, and Grant asked him he he wanted his band aid.  So sweet!!  He insists on wearing one everyday.

We are amazed at how his vocabulary has changed.  He talks to us in complete sentences, and pronounces everything so clearly.  We still think he may be partially color blind.  The doctor said by the age of 3, he should know 3 colors.  We work on it daily, so hopefully we will see some improvement.

Potty training is well....going. Haha! Some days are great, and some days we just fail!  Most of his accidents happen when he is busy playing, so I'm thinking he just does not want to take the time to stop and go potty. He is deathly afraid of public bathrooms, and will scream until you take him out of there. 
 Pretty embarrassing, but I know other mom's relate.  Please pray for my patience! :)

I can't believe in just 3 months we will be celebrating his 3rd birthday.  I'm so sad to watch him grow up so fast, but I'm so excited to see what the future holds for my baby boy!!!

Oh..and don't forget
Grant is the:

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