Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Splash Pad Tuesday

We started our day at 6:45 am! I had two little kiddos that were eager to get up, so we headed on out to the gym.  We came home played, ate lunch and all took naps.  After nap time I promised Grant we would go to the splash pad, so despite a heat index of 102..that's where we were!  This was our first time to the splash pad this summer.  I am just not a big fan, since there is absolutely NO shade!
 Oh well G-Man had a ball!

 I love this picture of Grant for many reasons..It looks NOTHING like him and I do believe this is ONE OF THE MANY faces he makes we have not seen before!! ;)

Caroline was not a fan of the water, I believe she thought it would mess up her hair- funny how much of a "girl" she already is! ;)

So back in the stroller she went, and she was completely content just watching Grant run around.

Happy Tuesday!!

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Renee said...

Looks like fun!! Way to beat the heat!