Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Three Little Monkeys!

This morning we met our sweet friends Kandace and Peyton at Monkey Joe's!
You can't beat the price they offer on Wednesdays!!
Grant was in bounce house heaven, he showed no fear of going to down a slide, big or small...he went down it!
He made my heart skip a beat a few times, but he really did enjoy his self!!

I didn't get many pictures of the kids while they were playing, quite frankly..I couldn't keep up with G-man.
He was going 90mph the whole time we were there!

We took a break for lunch, which in case you are wondering..
No, Grant did not eat! Haha! Though I did make him sit for a few so he could drink some juice. 
Right behind us were the games, so that entertained him so I could scarf down a piece of pizza.

Grant trying to figure out Ski Ball!

 How dangerous does this look??  In case their daddy's are wondering...both boys have great arms!!

 Grant thought it was so cool, when you throw one get another!!

Doesn't Peyton have the sweetest curls!?!

He even scored some points!!

 Waiting on his tickets

They did have an area for Caroline to play in, and she enjoyed it, even cried when I took her out.  There were a lot of older children playing in there so she was content just watching Grant run around like a maniac!

This sweet boy had a super fun morning!!

Watching her brother run around wore this girl out!
Bless those sweet cheeks!!

Currently, my two little monkeys are snoozing away

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