Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Sunday night storms

Sunday night we had some crazy storms roll through our area.  Brad told me this morning that the news reported it was a confirmed tornado. YIKES!! I thank God for watching over us, our whole family was sitting by our front door in amazement at the strong winds that were ripping through.  When really we should have been in our safe place!

I had no idea they were even calling for thunder storms, this storm really came on fast.  We were all outside when we noticed it was getting dark and figured we better head on in.  Out satellite was already out (a slight wind can knock it out, thanks DISH NETWORK!) so we couldn't hear what the news was reporting.  I'm thinking it's time to get a weather radio.

Our power was knocked out for a good 3 hours, so we decided after everything calmed down that we would ride around town and check out all the damage.  The few trees and limbs down in our yard doesnt compare to what some of our neighbors are facing. 

 Obvisiouly this tree was struck by lightening, and just missed G and C's swing set.  G was in shock! ;)

The burn

 The tree that branch fell from

Brad stayed home on Monday to do the clean up, and of course Grant was excited to help! Such a sweet boy!!!

Grant headed out in style when his work was done

This tree that snapped in half is in our neighbors yard.  It just missed our house.  They actually have TONS of damage to clean up.

We are counting our blessings that's for sure.  Our little town went crazy over this storm that now seems so small compared to the NC, AL, and MO tornados earlier this year.

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