Monday, June 6, 2011

Caroline 1st Birthday Party

Saturday we celebrated Caroline's 1st Birthday!  Honestly, it was such a perfect day!!!  The sun was shinning and believe it or was not incredibly hot! It was still hot, but defiantly bearable, we were so lucky! We gathered our friends and family, enjoyed lunch from our family favorite Sports Page, and soaked in an afternoon of Corn hole, laughs and small talk.  Perfect Day!!

Instead of bringing gifts for Caroline, we asked our guest  that they make a donation if they were able to, to the Serenity House.  We are so very thankful for everything they have done for us.

G-man was in heaven all day.  Everywhere he turned there was someone there to play with him or to talk too! ;)

Caroline was kind of "over" the whole cake thing.  This was her 3rd cake, she had the "what's the big deal people" attitude!! :)

If Caroline wasn't going to eat it..Grant WAS!!!

After food, cake and presents we all relaxed! The boys enjoyed a game of cornhole and the girls just sat around and talked..

If this picture doesn't explain the chaos of our family...I don't know what does..HAHA!!  This was the only picture I got of all of us.  YES, my mom took this picture..where's Brad?!?! ;)

We cought this little boy sneaking the lemonade!

A BIGGGGGG thank you to my momma! She helped me run a million errands, and helped me with all the decorations!! Thank you sooooo much mom!!! ;)

and....a BIG thank you to this man!
 We made it a whole year as parents of two under two..and we are still married!!! hahaha

Happy 1st Birthday Sweet Caroline!!!!!


Renee said...

Wow what a fun party! I absolutely love the decorations! They are so fabulous! Were those chalkboard decals that you labeled? SOOO cute! Happy Bday to Caroline!

The Propst Family said...

Awww, thank you!!! They were chalkboard lables!!! I found them at Michaels, and so very cheap too!!!!!