Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Weekend and Grant!!

We spent our weekend on the lake, and loved every minute of it!!!  Taking two kids out on the boat is getting so much easier now that Brad and I have a plan of attack in action.  Grant and Caroline enjoy every minute they are out there, we all do!

I want to share some things Grant has been up to lately.  This kid has Brad and I dying laughing most days!!!!
Many of y'all know and often torment me about my obsession with wiping down counters..well it looks as if Grant has now caught the "cleaning" bug..and this momma isn't complaining!!! Immediately after most meals, Grant will run and get the cleaning spray and ask for a paper towel to clean up!!! ;)

Now that's what I'm talking about!!!
 He will make a very special lady happy one day, but for now..he makes me so proud!!! :)

Yesterday, I was catching up on some laundry while Caroline was napping and Grant was what I thought watching Finding Nemo in his play room.  Today as I get ready to upload pictures from this weekend, I find 207..YES 207 photos Mr.Grant Propst took yesterday morning.  Unfortunately, he only managed to 3 non-blurry ones I can share with you.

It seems as if he has his mommas passion for pictures, but we will need to work on his picture taking skills!!

He is saying things left and right that are just hilarious and make him seem so grown up.  This morning, when I asked him if he needed to go potty he replied "No mom, I'm good!!"

Who is this kid?!?!?! ha ha!!!

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