Saturday, July 30, 2011

Softball Tuesday

My original plans of returning from St. Louis on Monday were squashed due to bad weather in Atlanta (I had a connection), so I caught a flight out first thing Tuesday morning.  Brad's mom got the kids from Brad and picked me up from the airport.  Tuesday night we all meet up at the softball game that Brad and his brother Wes were playing in.

Brad has only played in 2 games thus far this season, but thankfully Gammy and Pop-E came so we could all come too.  I am not brave enough to take both kids by myself yet, as they both seem to go in opposite directions.

 Brad making it to 1st base

Wes pitching

 Grant was eager to make his way on to the field

 So in between games he was able to run the bases! It made his night!!

 Pop-E's little piece of Heaven!

 Those sweet legs were learning to walk

It is so good to be home with my babies! We had a fun but HOTTTTTTT Tuesday night!

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