Friday, July 29, 2011

St. Louis!

Last Friday I went on a spur of the moment trip to see my family in St. Louis.  Brad knew I needed a little getaway, so he sent me as he...(brace yourself)... stayed home with the kids all weekend!!!!

Saturday we went out on the lake, and had an amazing time!!!! 
 My Aunt and I enjoyed lots of laughs on BIG MABLE!!!!

We ate a ton of food, shopped a little, and even won a little money at the Casino!

My cousin Garrett and his sweet wife Jenny.
  Our other cousin Wes is marrying Jenny's twin sister next spring.
We keep it in the family!!!!!!!!

 Garrett's twin sister, and my cousin Rebecca

 Aunt Betty (she is officially a Breast Cancer Survivor!!!!!!!!!), Uncle Scott, and Aunt Susan

 My Uncle Scott and Aunt Susan.  They are always so welcoming.
 I (and Brad too!) can't wait to make another visit soon!!

The McAfee women!!!
I just love these girls! 
 We had a weekend full of laughs, eating, shopping, sharing stories, and even shedding tears!!! 
We learned we all cry at the drop of a dime!!!

My dad's sisters..and...MY CRAZY AUNTS!!!

 The Gang!

I did miss the kiddos and Brad, but enjoyed my time away.  I am happy to report, I returned to a clean house and two very happy kids!!

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