Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Labor Day Weekend

Friday we packed up and headed down to our favorite spot, Sunset Beach! 
We were able to spend Labor Day weekend with Brad's parents and Grandparents.
  The weather was amazing and the kiddos were perfect!

G-man to cool in his new shades

He had a ball with his Pop-E!!

after 15 months...she is FINALLY walking!

my little stud muffin

they loved being buried in the sand!  I believe this was the only time they stayed still for more then 10 seconds!

Saturday night after dinner we headed down the street to the Sunset Pier with Gammy and Pop-E. 
 It was beautiful at Sunset!

We spent our Sunday relaxing on the beach.  The sun was out in full force, so we had to limit how long we were out there.  Grant and Caroline had the best time playing in the sand, and building sand castles.  Unlike our July beach trip, they really did entertain themselves for the most part. 
 Isn't it funny that only 2 short months can make such a difference?!?!

I snapped this picture of Caroline and as I was down loading it, I noticed I have a similar one from our July trip.....

What can I say...the girl LOVES to eat!!!!!!!

We came home early Sunday night so we could enjoy our Monday with absolutely NOTHING to do.  The rainy weather set the mood for our much needed lazy Monday. 

Now that summer is over...
I am very happy to say that we have put away our suitcases until November when we head to DISNEY!!!!

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