Friday, September 9, 2011

Well Check Stats

This morning we had Caroline's 15 month well check and that reminded me that I never posted Grant's 3 year old stats.
  Yes. I know..that was almost a month ago! :(
Since this is where I put all their information I need to post it, so I will always have it! :)

Grant's Stats as of 8-19-11
Weight: 31lbs- 50th Percentile
Height 37inches- 75th Percentile

Let's just say this visit was less than spectacular.  Grant was so excited to go to the doctor, but the moment we arrived, his mood went south FAST!  I was unable to get a weight picture, because....well I needed both hands to hold him down on the scale.  I am pretty sure I broke a sweat before we even got in the exam room. Thankfully, the doctor saw my struggles and reassured me that it is just a season, and almost all 3 year old boys act like that when they come in.  He was probably just scared because he has only been to the doctor for well checks(thank GOD!), and he was just not use to it. 
I will make sure daddy is free the day of his 4 year old visit!!

Once Grant was contained, we carried on with our visit.  He was very interested in what the doctor was doing to him and asked TONS of questions, would you be surprised if he didn't?!? Ha ha!  Poor lady could barley get a word in.  She did deliver some rather interesting news to me though.....after looking at Grant's growth curve his height is predicted to be anywhere from 6'0-6'3.  She said I would definitely be looking up at him come the teenage years.  I'm 5'3...even if he was 5'8 I would still be looking up at him!!! :)

After his visit, Gammy, Caroline and I took him to get ice cream, because he asked for it..

Caroline's appointment was less entertaining today. 
 I can't believe it was already her 15 month check up!
 I swear we were just there for her newborn visit.  Ugh!

Caroline's Stats as of 9-9-11
Weight: 22lbs 12oz- 75th Percentile
Height: 29 3/4- 50th Percentile
Head Circumference: 18 3/4- 95th Percentile

She still has a big ole' head!!

Caroline is doing great! Now that she is FINALLY walking, the doctor was very pleased with her visit!
We did however have a little concern...Tuesday night  Brad, the kids and I were outside for no more then 30 minutes.  When we came in we noticed Caroline had been bit by mosquito's on her arm and her face.  No biggie, I just but some cream on them and put her to bed.  Wednesday, she woke up with a mild fever, which I assumed was due to I gave her Tylenol and she was fine. 
 After her afternoon nap..both legs looked like this:

My immediate reaction was holy cow, she has the chicken pox!  Which, is fine..I did not get Grant nor Caroline vaccinated against them because I would rather them have the real thing. 

 At first, these bumps looked nothing like her mosquito bites, so I really was concerned.  I called the doctor, and she told me to give her benadryl and she would see her Friday at her well check. 

 Thursday, I started to notice a definite bite in the center of each bump, so she did not have the chicken pox.  Today at her appointment, the doctor confirmed she has Chigger bites.

She was bit when we were outside Tuesday night.  The doctor gave me cream to put on her, and said they should clear up within the week..but if they didn't she would need to see her again.

Not to mention..Caroline received 3 shots in her already painful legs, and has 3 molars coming in!!
My sweet girl can't catch a break!!

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