Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Miss Priss & Finger Painting

So, I have some things to share about Miss Priss...
and NO I am not talking about me..
It would be the littlest Miss Priss I am referring too.

The girl LOVES shoes.
She spends 3/4 of the day in Grant's closet rearranging his shoes, putting them on her feet, or just sitting with them by her side.
  We often find our shoes stuffed in a basket, under a bed, in the kitchen cabinets or in each other's closet. 
We all know there in only one person to blame!!

If Grant is playing with a toy she wants, she will keep an eye on it until he puts it down and then she will make a dash for it.  She then tends to hide it in the kitchen, usually in the pots and pans cabinet. 
I often go to cook, and have to remove 2-3 race cars.
I can't help but to shake my head and laugh.

She is learning to eat with a spoon.  She is actually doing quite well.
Do you really think she would let ANY food miss her mouth?

She loves books!  As soon as breakfast is done, she makes her daily walk in to Grant's room to raid his book stash.
 We read books ALL.DAY.LONG.
She will often spend 30-45 minutes like this..without making the slightest peep.
I can't say I am complaining!!

 Today was gloomy out so we took a break from reading, finding our shoes, and digging toys out of our pots and pans, and cancelled our park plans to FINGER PAINT!!!
 G-Man loved it! He is becoming such a good artist if I do say so myself!!!!!
 Sweet Caroline is too...and YES she DID try to eat the finger paint!
I didn't think so!
 He loved to make his hand print on the paper, and then rub it all in.
So sad her paint didn't taste as yummy as she thought it looked!!

Happy Tuesday!!!!

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