Monday, October 24, 2011


We have been quite busy here lately. I am just waiting for that one weekend when we have nothing planned, no where to be, and we can just sit and relax.  Unfortunately, it looks like that weekend will come at the first of the year. 

These are just some fun pictures taken within the last two weeks that I wanted to share....but haven't had the time to!

Poor Caroline, her hair is just OUT OF CONTROL!!!!  She has such fine hair, but she has a head FULL of it.  Bless her heart, most mornings Brad and I have no clue what kind of hair danger zone we are walking in to.
I snapped this picture last week, when she just woke up.   Thankfully it only takes water, a comb and a hair bow to tame that do!
Last Sunday after church we let the kiddos play on the play ground before we headed to lunch.  Doesn't Caroline look so old here?!?! :(
 After naps last Sunday we headed outside so the boys could collect some wood for our Chili Cook Off!
Caroline and I just sat and watched!

Can you believe that I did not get one single picture from our Chili Cook Off this past weekend????  We were so busy with the kids and friends, that it completely slipped my mind.
 Brad did win though!!

We recently went to a hayride/cookout event.  This is just one of the many reasons why I love fall!!!
 Brad and I
 B and C!

I think I have saved every piece of paper that Grant has ever made a mark on.  If I could hang all of those papers in my house....I would.  Framed and all.  I am a complete clutter freak.  I believe the only thing that should hang on a refrigerator is.... well nothing.  I do have our family monthly calender on ours, but trust me, it is very neat.  I needed a way to displays all of the children's beautiful art work.  I searched Pinterest, and we got this:
 I love it!
 We hung this right where we store all of the kids toys and where they play.  Grant loves to look at all of his pictures.
It was super easy and cheap.
 I picked up 2 pieces of wood at Lowe's, some red spray paint, and I painted the clothes pins.

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