Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Mountain Day

On Sunday we came home from church, ate lunch and loaded up the kids and headed to the Mountains! I have been itching to go since September, but we could never find a free weekend that it worked out.  On the way to church Sunday, I told Brad that we were going after church, he didn't have a choice.  The weather was great, and thankfully most of the leaves were still of the trees.  Once we got to the top of the mountain, you could see where some had already fallen off.

I had to take this picture of Caroline.  She looked so cute before church.  I really wanted to get Grant the matching long all to go with this, but Brad thinks G is to old for stuff like that. G is more of a POLO type of boy.

Grant enjoyed the ride, and loved looking at the BIG rocks (the mountains!) :)
So pretty!!

We didn't take the kids trick or treating this year.  Both kids are in bed fairly early, and Caroline has been battling an ear infection.  Grant really never got in to the whole Halloween thing so we didn't feed into it.  We decided to take them to Mast General Store in Boone and let them pick out their own candy.  They had a ball!!
 Most of the barrel's were just the right height for these two!

 Sweet C grasped the concept of putting the candy in her bucket quickly.

 Grant thought he was such a big boy.  He came home with some of his favorite candy.

 Our little happy shoppers!!

After we left, we drove down the street to the Original Mast Store and did some more shopping!  Our kids were in candy heaven. 

Caroline found the rubber ducks.  If we didn't already have a bath tub full, I would have got her another.  She just looked so cute playing with them.

 Surprise, Surprise..Grant found the cars.....and asked to take all of them home.

 The only decent picture I could get of these two wild monkeys.

We had such an awesome family day.  We are so thankful we live in place where we can drive to the mountains in an hours time...(and then to the beach after if we wanted!!)

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