Thursday, November 17, 2011

Playdate, Christmas Tree, DUKE!

I swear that Denver, NC was swept off the map last night due to mother nature.  When have we ever had tornado warnings in the middle of November?!  As Brad was pulling in the drive way from work last night, the news was broadcasting a tornado like circular rotation just on street over from us!!  The kids and I made a mad dash down stairs and we stayed tucked away for a good 45 minutes.  Thankfully, we only ended up with lots of rain and some crazy wind.  I hear some people just an hour away were not so lucky.

This morning we woke up to more rain and colder weather.  We ventured out to a Thanksgiving play date.  Grant was ecstatic to see his best bud Logan.  The kiddos enjoyed playing, coloring, make a cool craft, and eating. 
 Thanks Cole's!

Yesterday Caroline had a re-check for her ears, to make sure her ear infection was completely gone.  It was, but she seems to have come down with a cold.  Today all she has wanted to do is sleep.  As soon as we got home she gathered up her Miss Piggy and her favorite book, and plopped right down on the chair.  She hardly moved for over 45 minutes.  She looked pitiful.

After I put Grant down for a nap, I cuddled with her until she fell asleep.
 Bless her heart!

Last week we I put up our Christmas tree!  I know it is early, but I am a sucker for that darn tree.  I knew the kids would love it.  I like to put our tree up early, but it must come down the day after Christmas.  I don't know how people leave their tree up after new years.  That would send my nerves and anxiety over the edge.

Caroline loved the shiny ornaments.  Her daddy and future hubby are in some serious trouble!  

I have saved the best for last.........
Last Friday marked the first day of Duke Basketball.
 I had to dress the kids for the occasion.
  After giving me quite the heart attack, they did pull away with a WIN!
On Tuesday Coach K got his 903rd win making him the Coach with the most wins in Division I Basketball!!!

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Renee@LivingLaughingLoving said...

Love the tree!! Beautiful!!! I'm dying to put mine up too but not looking forward to trying to keep Davis out of it!!