Friday, December 16, 2011

18 Months

Happy 18 months Sweet Caroline!
Truthfully, you have been 18 months for 14 days.
  Mommy is just a tad behind.

You had your 18 month check up just a week ago.  Thankfully, the news was still the same. 
 You are simply P E R F E C T!

Your stats are:
Weight- 24.6 lbs 50th-75th Percentile.
Height- 31 inches 25th-50th Percintile
Head Circumfrence- 19 inches 90th-95th Percentile
(I snapped this picture at the doctor's office as we were waiting (and waiting..)..check out all those teeth!)

The doctor noticed you are showing some signs of early "terrible two's"
As if she had to tell me.
You really are a good baby, but you are such a strong willed child.

You can say about 6 words, that we can understand. 

You usually point at whatever you want, then cry or scream, and we come running.
  I hope to break this cycle soon.

You are an AWESOME sleeper.
  You sleep 12 hours a night, and you enjoy a 2+  hour nap each day.

Eating is still your favorite hobby.
  I am noticing you are becoming a little picky eater.
  You have started to turn your nose up at hamburger meat.
Don't worry, it is not my favorite either!

(This is such the "Caroline" look.  My favorite!)

Most meals, you can gobble down in less than 5 minutes. Beleive me you don't miss a meal.  Your favorites are any fruit, butter beans, and spaghetti.

Some new things you are doing:
You walk your dirty diapers to the trash can after each diaper change.
Then you clap for yourself :)
You clean up all the toys, without having to be asked!
You are going to be such a good mommy (in 30 years!)
You are obsessed with shoes! If anyone leaves shoes laying around, you will try your hardest to get them on your feet. You just stroll around the house in random shoes.

Everyday you carry around Miss Piggy, your juice cup, a paci, and a book. 
 Yes, you walk around the house with all 4 items in your hands.
  We believe you are a hoarder.

You dislike women and love men.
(You are giving your daddy grey hair.)

You love to have books read to you.  Like I said, you carry around a book with you at all times.  We probably read 15 books daily.  I love that you love to read.
(Gammy B reading you a book on a ride home.  I love your sassy pose in this picture!)

(Daddy reading you one of your favorite books.  That book has been around awhile.  My Grandma Pat gave me that book way back in 1990, 21 years ago.)

I can't believe this is going to be your 2nd Christmas!
  We are really looking forward to seeing your sweet face as you open your gifts.

As I was checking out at the doctor's office, I was asked to make your TWO year old visit.
  I couldn't do it.
  I couldn't face the fact, that the next time you go to the doctor you will be TWO YEARS OLD.
  I told her I would need to call and make that appointment.
Ugh, where has time gone?

Happy 18 (1/2) Months Sweet, Sweet Caroline!

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Charlotte Laney said...

What a beautiful daughter you have. I think I'll have to introduce her to my grandson in about 20 years.