Thursday, December 15, 2011

Mommy/Baby needs!

I have been asked by many friends, what are my favorite baby products?

  I know so many friends that are pregnant now, so I decided to tell y'all all at once what I definitely could not have lived with out.

 Plus, I think it will be fun to look back in 20 years at the must have items to have when raising a baby.

 I wonder how much will change!?

Those first few months are ROUGH!  You will do ANYTHING to make your newborn sleep.  Both of our kids loved to be wrapped tightly, but a standard receiving blanket was just not cutting it for our kiddos.
Thankfully we discovered The Swaddle Me blankets. We used this wrap strictly at nap or night time.  They make diaper changes a breeze and also wash really well.  They are pretty cheap too, at $15.

{photo from Swaddle Me}

My favorite receiving blanket was the Swaddle Designs Receiving Blanket.  I wasted so much money on the receiving blankets from Target, now I wish I could have all that money back.  Swaddle Design blankets are much bigger then the standard receiving blanket, that's why I believe they are easier to work with.  Both Grant and Caroline had 2 Swaddle Designs blankets and Caroline still uses hers.  They are about $25 each.

{photo from Swaddle Designs}

Another must have for sleep is a sound machine.  We purchased one when Grant was less than a week old, and it made a world of a difference.  They have different settings, like the heartbeat inside the womb, which is excellent for newborns since that is really the only sound they are used to.  Caroline still uses hers, and she likes the ocean setting.  From what I hear, you can buy these almost anywhere, and they range from various prices.  We picked ours up at Babies R' Us for around $20.

 There are so many monitors on the market now. 
 This was one product I was completely overwhelmed picking out.
  I went back and forth for so long over a video monitor or not.   
With a price difference of a $100 or so, I decided on this Safety 1st monitor.  I just knew if I have a video monitor I would lay awake just staring at it.  Also, I just couldn't come up with a good explanation to spend $120 + on a baby monitor.  I am completely pleased with our $40 monitor.

We picked the Fisher Price Rain forest Bouncer when we were registering for Grant.  Looking back, it was a must have!  My kids never enjoyed a swing, so this was my "go to" item.  Both kids could sit in this thing for hours, while I got house work done, dinner going, or just enjoyed having 2 free hands.  I believe these go for $60.

I loved our Boppy! We purchased Caroline's from Pottery Barn. It is great to lay baby on, great for helping baby sit up, and a must have for feedings.  I would definitely recommend one that you can take the slip cover off and throw in the wash.  I purchased Grant's from a high end boutique, and payed more than my husband should know.  It did not have a removable slip cover, therefor I could not wash it. Rookie mistake, I know!
 You can also change out the slip covers for each child, so you can use it more then once.
  Pottery Barn sells them for around $50.

Oh my favorite product.
 Mustella products are just awesome.  Pricey, but awesome.  They smell oh so good, and leave baby's skin so soft.  I have used every product they have made, and have no complaints about any of them. 
 I would be lying if I didn't say I use the lotion on myself too! :)

Dr. Brown's bottles were my favorite.
 Just because.
  You can buy a pack of 3 for about $15.

I firmly believe you get what you pay for.
  I say this since I am a PRO (now) at purchasing strollers
. We have purchased 4 strollers between both kids. 
Why didn't anyone tell me about the Baby Jogger City Select when I was pregnant with Grant??? 
 I knew when I became pregnant with Caroline that I would need a double stroller.  I also knew there would be days when Grant was in school and I would just have Caroline.  Meaning, I would need to separate strollers, a single and a double.
  UMMM..I am not toting around 2 strollers in my car. 
 Problem solved.
  The City Select can be a single stroller, and then become a double in a split second. 
 It really is a dream come true!! 
 What other stroller can you sit your child 16 different ways?

Genius I tell you.

I would definitely recommend this for a first time mommy, especially if you know you are going to have more babies in the future.

Now, it will set you back a pretty penny but it REALLY is worth the $600 dollars you will have to pay for it. 
** The new models come out in the spring, and the previous years models will likely drop in price, usually around $100 or so.

My favorite diapers are Pamper Cruisers, which I buy on Amazon.  A size 4 box is $17 cheaper on Amazon rather than buying them at Babies R' US.  PLUS, they are delivered right to your door step every month.

I hope this helps!!

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