Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Birthdays and Duke

Brad and I celebrated our 27th (mine) and 30th (his) on Monday.  We met our families at a Japanese Restaurant in Charlotte.  The kids enjoyed watching them cook the food right in front of us, but like usual their attention span was short lived.  I enjoyed the 5 bites of food I was able to take, then I chased my wild kids around the restaurant.
 This is just reason #502 why we do not go out to eat with our kids! Ha!

 Brad and I before everyone arrived.

This past Saturday, we had about 20 friends come over for the big show down of DUKE/carolina! 
Mistake #1.

When Brad mentioned this to me..I just knew this would turn out ugly.
I am a FIRM believer..You do not watch this big of a game with a crowd of people.

When Brad and I watch Duke games, we usually watch it in separate rooms.
Brad likes to comment on every flipping basket that is shot.
He likes to point out all of the mistakes the players make.
I guess he forgot to tell me he once played in the NBA!?

I like to watch the games alone.
I am one to get myself worked up if the games are close.
I say words that should never be repeated, and I would die if someone else heard me say them.
(I am not proud of this!) :)
If you grew up watching Duke games with my dad and brother too, you would completely understand where I am coming from.
 My childhood was very traumatizing during Duke Basketball Season! :)

Here comes mistake #2:
We hung our Duke flag outside.

You do not
 I repeat YOU DO NOT
 hang a flag on game day..if you have not done it prior to the season beginning.

Mistake #3:
Do not wear Duke apparel on Game day!

Even though the game was horrible..we still had a great time with friends celebrating our Birthdays!

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