Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Sunday

We had a fabulous Easter Sunday!
We went to church, ate a yummy lunch, took naps, and played outside all afternoon!
This may be the only half decent picture I have of these two together.
This may be the first Sunday Grant did not cry as we dropped him off at Sunday School.  We did threaten that if he cried the Easter Bunny would hop on over to our house and take his candy back. 
He was taking NO chances of having no Easter Candy!
 We usually have a big Easter Lunch, and we pondered the thought of going to one of our favorite restaurants that has an Easter Brunch, but the thought of taking 2 kids after church just didn't sit well with us.  We grabbed the family favorite Bojangles and headed home.
So traditional, I know. 
It sounded easy, with little clean up.
 I think every little girl looks forward to Easter because you get a new dress!
 Every year my mom and I would go shopping for that special dress to wear on Easter Sunday.
  I've heard this is just a Southern thing, but I'm not sure.
 I can't wait to do it with Caroline!
  This year she wore the exact same dress as last year.
 It is my favorite dress she has, and it still fits perfectly!
 I couldn't resist.
Reason # 594 why I adore smocked dresses.....
because you can wear them FOREVERRRRRR!
 After lunch we laid the kids down for naps.
The joke was on us.
After all the candy that was consumed, we figured they were never going to sleep so we just got them up.
 We did a mini Easter Egg Hunt
 One of my favorite pictures of Sweet C!
I love her baby blues!
 Gammy Barbara came to spend the afternoon with us, and deliver the kids Easter goodies.
These two played on the swing set for a good hour or so.
I love that the love to play together!

Happy Easter!

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