Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Jenny's Baby Shower in St. Louis

This past weekend I flew up to St. Louis to attend a baby shower for my cousin's wife Jenny.
  She is due with a baby girl in June! :)
We spent all day Friday running errands and getting ready.
Saturday we woke up early to get all the food prepared.
It was a short, but a very sweet trip!
So glad I was able to go.
 the daddy to be in Pink...BRIGHT PINK!
Ready to play golf.
  are these not gorgeous?!
my aunt and cousin
ohh...the work that these yummy rice crispies required..

 the mommy to be opening up all of her gifts
 she got so many gifts, this no named baby will definitely be set!
 she may have a baby in her arms when I see her again in 6 weeks!

I left on Sunday, sad to leave but excited to see my family.
As I was leaving St. Louis, we were going down the runway when the plane just STOPS.
I had a layover in Chicago, and the wind was so crazy that air traffic control was only allowing a fraction of the planes to land or take off.  We sat on the runway for a good 20 minutes, before we got the O.K. to take off.
My layover was only supposed to be 40 minutes.

My plane arrived in Chicago at Gate F, my plane for Charlotte was leaving from Gate C.
I made a mad dash for my plane home.
I made it with 4 minutes to spare.
I was quite the runner!
I am happy to be home with my very own Buzz Lighter and Woody!

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