Thursday, December 16, 2010

Weekend Recap

We had an AMAZING weekend! So amazing, that it took me this long to recover and blog about it!

It started off with Brad's parents keeping the kiddos Friday night so we could get ready for our party Saturday.  As much as I was dreaming about sleeping in and thinking about how nice it was going to better believe I was wide awake at 7:30am and ready to GO!  This always happens to me!  My house was way to quite to sleep..I am just not used to it.  As much as I know Brad and I needed our time, it was obvious we both missed our kids.

Saturday morning, we enjoyed breakfast out.  I must admit,  I forgot what it was like to actually eat a meal.  A meal that doesn't involve cutting up someone else's food, picking up dropped sippy cups, wiping a mouth and cleaning off a table when we are done.  Our breakfast Saturday was pretty B O R I N G.  I guess I am used to the entertainment Grant usually provides! :)

Saturday Night we hosted our Sunday School Christmas Party.  If I could only tell you how much food we had!
The Girls

The Boys

We ended our night with a Boys vs. Girls Ginger Bread House competition:

Sunday, after a LONG afternoon nap for all 4 of us, we headed to Mcadenville with Brad's parents.  We have been every year since Grant has been born.  This year, by far was the best.  Grant yelled out "Merry Christmas!" to passing cars.  Told Santa "Hey!" and "Come see me!"  and enjoyed all the lights on every house.  Ohh, to see the world thru a two year old eyes. 

To end a Great weekend, on our way home it started snowing! We came home to this..

It's not a lot...but we will take it! :)

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