Monday, April 18, 2011

Sunshine Monday!

     Today it was 86 degrees and SUNNY!! Actually it was borderline hot, but I am NOT complaining! I will take heat over those winter days anytime!  I took the kiddos out before lunch and nap time to burn off some energy.  Grant enjoyed playing baseball (what's new right?!) and Caroline enjoyed watching his every move..(again!!)  We stayed out a lot longer then I had planned, but it was way to pretty to go inside.  I got some good pictures of Caroline, one will be used for her birthday invitation so those are not posted! :)  Grant on the other hand.. well, lets just say I did the best I could.  Taking pictures was just not on his agenda today.

Grant is sporting a new look! A Lightening McQueen band aid!  I was grocery shopping Sunday afternoon, Brad was home with both kids (yes, if you are keeping count..that is twice in two days!)  While I was headed for the checkout line, Brad called saying to pick up band aids. Oh boy.  Grant was jumping on furniture and landed on our brick fireplace.  The cut was pretty deep, but not hospital worthy.  I 'm almost considering  paying monthly rent at the E.R.  It has to be cheaper then the $4,000 bill Grant racked up last Saturday.  That is not including, blood work, x-rays or the cool ambulance ride.

Before I get heated on that bill, back to flowers and sunshine..

Grant enjoyed jumping in his bounce house

While Caroline thought his every bounce was hilarious! :)

The bounce house will usually only attract his attention for 10 minutes or so, but for some reason he jumped for a good 30-45 minutes!

Obviously, trying to take her picture was blocking her view of her brother bouncing away.

Grant had a blast, and he took an awesome nap!!

and... Caroline just dreamed of the day she can bounce with her brother!

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